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5 Reasons To Consider Artificial Turf


#1 - No More Muddy Paws!

No more digging, no more pee stains, no more muddy paws, no more muddy feet. With your Everlasting Turf everyone and everything is much cleaner!!!


#2 - No More Huge Monthly Water Bills!

By installing artificial turf you will save about 70% on your monthly water bill.


#3 - No More Monthly Lawn Care Maintenance Fees!

By installing artificial turf you will no longer have to hire a lawn care maintenance crew thus saving you hundreds of $$ per year.


#4 - No More Mowing The Lawn!

Instead of mowing your lawn in the hot sun, choose artificial turf. It won’t grow and it suppresses weeds, which means you spend less time and resources getting your hands dirty.


#5 - Beautify Your Home!

With synthetic turf, you will improve your property’s curb appeal while also saving time and energy. Your children will enjoy playing outside as well as your pets too.

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6 Turf Application Types

Lawns are great and can improve the appeal of your property. However, they require maintenance and care that can distract you from the things that really matter in your life. Do you grow weary of mowing the lawn? Has watering been steadily increasing your utility bills? Are your pets and children tracking mud and undoing the work and effort you put into keeping your lawn picture-perfect?
If you’ve answered “Yes,” to any of these questions, then we have the solution to your woes. Let PlayTime Turf transform your property. We specialize in environmentally friendly turf: synthetic grass that looks and feels much like the same thing, only without the maintenance and care requirements. Enjoy a beautiful lawn and spend quality time with your friends, family, and pets. We provide the materials you need to make your property a neat, clean, and verdant paradise.
Pet Turf

Safe for pets, durable enough for rigorous play time and no more muddy paws. Fast-draining rinse-away cleanup.

Lawn Turf

Gorgeous, natural-looking landscape that's the envy of the neighborhood. Fuss-free and weather-proof all year long.

PlayTime Turf

Feel confident that your children will have a safe play surface when you choose our PlayTime Turf to cover your playground.

Putting Green Turf

Custom breaks, elevations, and bunkers. Realistic surface quality and performance. Right in your own backyard!

Balcony Turf

Natural looking green grass or cold hard concrete?  Revamp your patio deck or terrace into an exciting entertainment area for guests or a recreational area for pets and children.

Sports Play Turf

Our artificial sports turf line includes, football, baseball, golf, soccer and tennis. Your team will always be on top of their game with pro field performance.

Foundation Panels

A premium Drainage System...the panels creates space and air in between the turf, thus providing space for water to drain and air to circulate.

Foundation Basics

Traditionally rock foundations are the most common turf foundations. However, now there is a superior option. It's a Panel System that out performs and exceeds any rock foundation.

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